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Members of the Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon

By Micheline Gutmann

The principal sources for this list have been: the National Archives, "Le Grand Sanhédrin de Napoléon", collection Franco-Judaïca, the file of Nimes given by Lucien Simon and computerized by Micheline Gutmann and members, Roger Berg "Histoire du rabbinat français".

Research of Micheline Gutman and Valérie Gauthier at the National Archives, of Ernest Kallmann in Germany, of Stéphane Lallich in the Comtat Venaissin, of Francine Pallard, of Philippe Blachais, of Yves Morat...

Many genealogies have already been studied by GenAmi members, some are not yet done. In any case, a lot of information can be given at GenAmi.

The Grand Sanhedrin of Napoleon took place at the Town Hall of Paris in February 1807.

The numbers are those which have been given to the places of the members around the room where the meeting took place.

From 1 to 45, the members are rabbis

1- Joseph David SINZHEIM, Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg, (b. 1745 Trier, d. 11.11.1812 Paris, buried at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery), son of Isaac Sinzheim, himself a rabbi who died 1767 Niedernai.
He married in 1765 Esther Cerf Berr sister of Hirtz Cerf Beer (1726-1793).
A daughter, Gittele, married 1780 Bischheim, his cousin, the rabbi Abraham Auerbach, (1763 Bouxwiller - 1845 Bonn), son of Rabbi Selig Auerbach of Bouxwiller.
Two daughters were born. One of them married the poet Lipman Moshe Büschental (1784 Strasbourg-1818 Berlin).
Abraham Auerbach then married Esther Oppenheim and they had 16 more children and many rabbis among the descendants.
In Paris, JD Sinzheim lived at his nephew’s, Baruch Cerf-Berr, 21 rue Neuve des Mathurins

2- Josué (Sauveur, Benoît) SEGRE, (1729 (?) Vercelli - 1809 Paris); first vice-President of the Grand Sanhedrin, member of the Assemblee des Notables, member of the Central Consistory in 1808. – Representing the department of Sesia. He was a town councillor at Vercelli. The place where he was buried is unknown. In Paris, he lived Street Gros-Chenêt.

3- Abraham Vita de COLOGNA (1754 Mantua-1832 Trieste), Chief Rabbi of Mantua, second President at the Grand Sanhedrin, member of the Assemblee des Notables, member of the Consistoire Central, then President from 1812 to 1826. Son of Samuel de Cologna and Benedetta Bona Trabotti. His wife was Benedetta Norsa, daughter of Rafael Vita Norsa, family of well known Italian bankers, and of Speranza Finzi, another famous Italian family.
Four descendants are members of GenAmi, through his daughter Esperance de Cologna, who married Salomon Vanderheym, from Amsterdam.
(Look at the genealogical study, ascendants and descendants obituary in "Gazette de Mantoue", translation in French, see GenAmi web site)..
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

4- Ventura FOA, (Adriatica), was from Reggio Emilia

5- Isaac Raphael FINZI (Brenta), sindaco de Bozzolo, from Padua, 74 y.o. , rabbi of the department of Brenta.

6- Elias SPIRE, representing Paris, is born 1739 Carpentras, teacher of Hebrew, rabbi. He married Colombe Cremieux, at least two daughters in Nimes: Rousse born 1783 and Nana 1786. He was the son of Rabbi Jacob Espir who came from Prague.
Several descendants at GenAmi.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

7- Jacob MEYER (1739 - 1830), Bas-Rhine, Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg after David Sinzheim. Studied in Carlsruhe and Francfort-am-Main, then rabbi at Niederhagenthal and Rixheim.
He was the grandson of Itzak Seckel Mutzig, rabbi of Ribeauville, and of Samuel Sanvil Weyl, rabbi of Alsace, descendant of Jacob Weyl of Westhoffen. Member of the Assemblée des Notables.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.
First wife: Feyel Dreyfus of Niederhagenthal
Second wife: Fromet Ulmo of Sierentz.
The Chief Rabbi Zadoc Kahn was a descendant of both wiwes.
(Dreyfus and Ulmo genealogies: ask Micheline Gutmann).

8- Moïse SELIGMANN, (Mont-Tonnerre)

9- Moïse KANSTAD (Mont-Tonnerre)
Rabbi in Mainz came with Mr. Lorch (n°70) and Benjamin Kannstad, ancestor of the writer Carl Zuckmayer. (Paul Arnberg, Die Jüd. Gemeinden in Hessen, 1971)

10- Jacob OURY-LÉVY (Bas-Rhin)
Inhumé au cimetière de Montrouge.

11- Wolf EGER (Meurthe), In 1808, Wolf Louis Eger lives in Nancy, widow of Sara Cayen, two children born in Bamberg, Judith in 1772, Cayen in 1776.

12- Isaac SAMUEL (Bas-Rhine)
From Romanswiller, chose the name LUNTESCHUTZ in 1808 at Westhoffen.
He married Sara Nettre. Children: Eléonore, born bef. 1787, Suzanne (27.04.1789), Jonas (18.03.1790), Raphael (31.07.1791).
He was prisoner during the French Revolution.
A descendant was a painter at Besançon.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

13- Salomon DELVECCHIO (Reno)

14- David Moïse GUNZBURG(ER), (1745-13.10.1824 Hegenheim), was the first rabbi of Hegenheim, Haut-Rhin, in 1772, son of Joseph Gunzburger who died in 1803, and Hedes Wormser; family 32 in 1784. Grandson of Baruch bar David, who died in 1759 and Fromet, in 1751, at Hegenheim.
David Moise married Esther Wormser then, after 1792, Theodora Haas, a widow.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

15- Bonaventura MODENA (Modena Panaro)

16- Seligmann LEVY (1752 Durmenach, Haut-Rhine - 1841 Durmenach), son of Meier Levy and Merlen Hauser, married 1786 Hanna Simon, daughter of Rabbi Isaac Simon of Durmenach. He spent some years in Blotzheim where several children were born. Family 17 in 1784 at Durmenach, where he later became the rabbi.
Information found by Micheline Gutmann, at the Archives of Colmar.
Several descendants at GenAmi.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

17- Jacob CRACOVIA (Venetia, Adriatic)

18- Michel SELIGMANN (1739 Phalsbourg - Paris) - Chief rabbi of Paris - In Paris in 1809 - Married Babet Lazard (b. 1756 Mutzig) ; among his children: Julie (1789 Rosheim), Fanchette (1801 Rosheim), Jeannette (1796 Phalsbourg), Henry (1800Paris).
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

19- Lazare Nephtali HIRSCH (1750-1823 Wintzenheim H-R), son of Rabbi Lazarus Moïse Katzenellenbogen, Member of the Assemblee des Notables, became Chief Rabbi of Upper Rhine at Wintzenheim.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

20- Abraham ANDRADE (? - 1836 Bordeaux), representing the department of Landes, rabbi of Bayonne from 1789 to 1808 - Member of the Assemblee des Notables. Chief Rabbi of Bordeaux from 1809 until his death. In 1784 he married Abigaïl d'Aguilar at Bayonne. The family came from Cadix.

21- Moïse ARON (Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin)

22- Samuel Wolff LEVI (1751 Pfersee near Augsburg - Mainz 1813) representing the department of Mont-Tonnerre. He spoke very good French, had a great knowledge in Talmud and he was very well educated. He especially represented the town of Worms where he was rabbi.
His son Benedict Samuel Levi (1806, 1899) was rabbi at Giessen and became Professor at the University of Würzburg. (Paul Arnsberg).

23- Judas BLOCH (Haut-Rhin), in 1784 at Wintzenheim de Kayserberg.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

24- Prosper Moïse ARIANI rabbi of Padua then Milan.

25- Aron WORMS, (1754 Geislautern, Sarre-1836 Metz), rabbi of Créhange in 1777, of Metz in 1785, Chief Rabbi of Moselle; en 1832, lived at rue du Château.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

26- Baruch GOUGENHEIM (Meurthe), Rabbi of Nancy, succeeded Jacob Schweich.
Genealogical study at GenAm until Rashi.

27- Jaquia TODROS Po), family of bankers at Turin and Piemont from 1700...

28- Jacob CALMANN (Haut-Rhine)

29- Nathan SALOMON (Hombourg, Deux-Ponts)
Rabbi of Homburg (1762 - 16.05.1820)
His father Salomon Marx, was a Jewish teacher in Hanweiler, his mother was Reitz Salomon.

30- Lazare WOLF (Bas-Rhin)

31- Mardochée COHEN (Meuse, Verdun)

32- Joseph or Jassé ROCCA MARTINO or ROQUEMARTINE (Nîmes, Gard)
(1758-02.12.1827 Nimes), rabbi and notable, he married Noune Roquemartine.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

33- Samson (Lazare en 1808) LIEBERMANN (Bas-Rhine), Saverne. Voir GenAmi.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

34- Moïse MILLAUD (Vaucluse) (ca 1760-Carpentras-18.02.1829 Nimes), rabbi, married Sara Muscat (who died before 1817).
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

35- Mardochée ROCCA MARTINO (Nimes, Gard) or Roquemartine (1751-1832 Marseille), was chief rabbi of Marseille in 1810.
Son of Jasse and Esther Milhaud, he married his niece Rousse, daughter of Moise, also a rabbi
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

36- Bondi ZAMORANI (Bas-Po)

37- Abraham Isaac SAMUEL (Bas-Rhine)
Rabbi at Strasbourg, son Isaac b. Niederhagenthal (68) in 1797
Information at GenAmi.

38- Gracciadio NEPPI (Ferrare, Cento, Bas-Po), (1759 Ferrare - 1863 Cento), was rabbi and doctor and also cabbalist. Biblio. Ghirondi Neppi 115-6

39- Samuel LION (Mont-Tonnerre)

40- Emmanuel DEUTZ (Rhin et Moselle) (1743-Coblence-1842 Paris) He studied in Mainz, was rabbi of Coblentz, Member of the Assemblee des Notables. He was Chief Rabbi of the Central Consistory from 1810 to 1812, and after the departure of Abraham de Cologna, from 1826 until his death. He has a son who was converted to Christianity.

41- Abraham MUSCAT (Nîmes, Gard), married Anne Roquemartine, children : Isaac, Jassuda David, Joseph, Liotte Hermine, Moyse and Rebecca.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

42- Elis Aro LULLIS (Stura)

43- Jacob Israel CARMI (Reggio Emilia, Crostolo), Chief Rabbi, died in 1849.
Family of French origin (Carpentras) established in Casale Montferrato and Mantua, bankers during 16th and 17th centuries, then in Livorno and Reggio Emilia.
See Annuaire d'Etudes Hebraiques, Carruci editions, Roma, P.324.

44- Jacob BRUNSCHWIG (Wintzenheim, Haut-Rhine)
Information at GenAmi.

45- Samuel Marx LEVI (Sarre). Uncle of Karl Marx - see GenAmi n° 18.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

46- Abraham MONTEL son (25.12.1777 Nimes-27.06.1828 Nimes), was the son of Isaac and Esther Baze. Married Naumy Vidal-Naquet.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

47- Saul CREMIEUX (1744 L'ISLE-SUR-SORGUE ), was a merchant at Paris in 1809, married Sara SAINT PAUL.
Children: Esther b. Avignon 1788, Colombe in 1791.
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

48- Aron LATIS

49- Benoît FANNO

50- Berr ISAAC-BERR (Nancy)
Information at GenAmi.

51- Abraham Cohen

52- Israel Cohen. Modena?

53- Sabaton COSTANTINI (1744 La Canee, Crête - after 1818). Lived at Trieste then Marseille where he is a merchant, then Nice and again Marseille in 1806, representing the Jewish community.
In 1808, Sabaton is 64 y.o., his wife Regine Provençal is 60 y.o.
Three children: Julie 35, Abraham, 29 and Marianne 28.
Abraham had three children: Reginette, Sabaton, Moise-Nissim.
Member of the Assemblee des Notables. He refused to go to the Grand Sanhedrin.
He was present on the list of Marseille until 1818.
Information at GenAmi.

54- David LEVI of Chieri, Piemont.

55- Aron SCHMOLL, at Paris, member of the board of the Consistory, responsible the Jewish cemetery of Montrouge. Member of the Assemblee des Notables.

56- Moise FORMIGGINI (Modena) was a jeweller. Before 1800, he was protected by the Duke of Modena. Later, became a Senator of the Italian monarchy.

57- A. Friedberg

58- Lyon Marx

59- Marq FOY (From Italy went to Bayonne)
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

60- Mayer Nathan

61- Abraham FURTADO (30.07.1756 London-29.01.1817 Bordeaux), son of Elie and Hana Pinto Vega, marranos. He married Sara Rodrigues Alvares 1775 in Bordeaux.
He was the President of the Assemblee des Notables; later assistant of the Mayor of Bordeaux.
Joseph Elie (05.07.1778- 15.10.1882 Bordeaux)
Anne Emilie (01.01.1784-12.03.1823) married 26.12.1809 Moise Aimé SOLAR, son of Aaron Euryate Felix SOLAR (11.02.1811-19.11.1870), banker and booklover.
Sara Furtado married Lopez-Dubec
Sarah Reibeiro-Furtado, died 26.12.1879, Paris 17

62- Olry-Hayem WORMS, (19.09.1759 Sarrelouis-07.05.1849 Paris) was a banker.
He married 1. Blumelé Levi; 2 Flore Zacharie. His name became Worms de Romilly
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

63- Seligmann WITTERSHEIM (1754-1828), representing the Jews of Alsace in 1789.
Information at GenAmi.

64- Lipmann CERF-BERR
Genealogical study at GenAmi.

65- Baruch CERF-BERR
Same family

66- Jacob RODRIGUES (Lisbon 1736) arrived in Bordeaux in 1761 with his father, his sister and his cousins, who survived from the earth quake of Lisbon. His sister married Abraham Furtado, and she died as her father in 1784. He married then his cousin Rachel. (Cavignac)
Information at GenAmi.

67- Théodore CERF-BERR Genealogical study at GenAmi.

68- Cerf-Jacob GOUDCHAUX

69- Isaac RODRIGUES son, Paris, was the secretary of the Assemblee des Notables, General Secretary of the Consistory since 1809. He came from Bordeaux.


71- Isaac Samuel AVIDGOR, (1776- ), came from Nice, merchant in 1811, son of Isaac (1754-1805) and Esther Locchio.
Married Gabrielle Pauline Henriette Raba (1791, Bordeaux), 7 children: Esther Eloise (1808), Stephanie-Rebecca (1810), Etienne (1811), Moise-Jules, banker (1812), Henri (1814) and the twins Frederic (1818) and Laure (1818).

Substitute rabbis

  • Mendel PRAGUE
  • Moïse Hertz MOSBACH (1772 Mayence - ), at Paris in 1809, married Merlin Schonbach, born 1784 Bischheim, 6 children in 1809.
    Information at GenAmi.
  • Betsallel MILHAU

Laic substitutes

  • J.Emmanuel OTTOLENGHI, was probably from Acqui, Montferrato. Son of Giuseppe Salvatore, banker and merchant. He was a Jacobin (French Revolution).
  • Samuel Ghedilia
  • Emilio VITA, Mantua
  • J. Dreyfoss
  • Jeremie Hirsch
  • Félix Lévi


  • Michel BERR, scribe writer, son of Berr Isaac BERR
  • BLOTZ, for German, from Niederhagenthal
    Information at GenAmi.
  • Jonas VALLABREGUE, (1754 Avignon), was the scribe for Portuguese.
    In 1809 at Paris; married Neuma Saint-Paul (1754 Avignon); 5 children.
    Information at GenAmi.

Arrived later

On 12 February, from Amsterdam:

  • Carel ASSER, (1780-1836), son of Mozes Salomon. Layer
    Genealogical study at GenAmi.
  • J. LITTWAK, (1764 Lupt, Lithuania ), mathematician
  • H de H. LEMON ((1755- 1823), doctor

On 9 March, from Frankfort-am-Main:

  • Salomon TREVES
  • Jacob LAZARD
    Genealogical study at GenAmi.