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Klimmt-Arbre de vie (Internet)

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  • Annual general meeting 2015
  • The Jewish community of Westhoffen
  • Genealogy of Karl Marx family
  • A study of Leon Blum’s family
  • Jewish entrepreneurs, industry of tobacco Dresden
  • My research in Eastern Europe
  • Acquisition: Der alte jüdishe Friedhof in Fürth
  • Topics on the forum of GenAmi
  • Some thoughts about the tragic events...
  • Photos of Westhoffen Jewish cemetery
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 genami-généalogie juive -  The animals in WWI

The animals in WWI

We are far from having listed on this site all the victims in our families. However, it is worth remembering, at least briefly, the participation of our animal friends in this period and to achieve what we owe them.

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