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Bingen, Braunschweig, Citroën, Danziger, Dreyfus et Reinach, Helbronner, Levy, Mayer, Paraf, Paraf-Javal, Vanderheym, Weiller

Military chaplains
American Jewish Soldiers
Jewish soldiers from Nuremberg

The animals in WWI

We are far from having listed on this site all the victims in our families. However, it is worth remembering, at least briefly, the participation of our animal friends in this period and to achieve what we owe them.
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 genami-généalogie juive- revue 70
  • Annual General Meeting – March 15th, 2015
  • Innovate or copy?
  • Three HIRSCH brothers in Lyon:
      Abraham the architect
      Auguste Alexandre the painter
      Joseph the engineer
    The Jews of the Mountains
      of Caucasus
  • Exodus, Myths and Reality
  • Chief Rabbi Ernest Ginsburger
  • Book reading – Acquisitions
      Paris 1900, la ville spectacle
      Histoire des Juifs de la Rochelle
      La Rochelle, l’Aunis et la Saintonge
        face à l’esclavage
      Alsatian Jewish emigration
        to Louisiana
  • Letters to the Editor
  • History of the Statue of Liberty
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   "Fight with equal weapons"
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