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Synagogue Carpentras
Photo P. Jacob

Bingen, Citroën, Dreyfus et Reinach, Helbronner, Levy, Mayer, Paraf, Paraf-Javal, Vanderheym, Weiller,

Military chaplains
American Jewish Soldiers
Jewish soldiers from Nuremberg

Report: GenAmi in Evian

Our members most probably remember GenAmi issue #64 which cover was a picture of the inside of the beautiful Piedmontese synagogue of Casale Montferrato. In this issue, was told the story of the Vitta Family

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 genami-généalogie juive- revue 69

  • Genealogy Forum: Géné@2014
  • The saga of the Ricqles Mint,
    the end
  • Cecile Kahn- Brunschwicg
    -fighting for the cause of women
    -List of ascendants
  • Let the show begin!
    (American Jewish actors)
  • The tragedy of Guerry,
    July-August 1944
  • A few genealogical reviews
  • Acquisitions
    -La synagogue de la rue Buffault
    -Une ville dans la guerre : Lyon
    -From There to Here...
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  • Movie Posters with Jewish actors
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