L'association de la généalogie juive 

A visit at Durmenach

By Micheline GUTMANN
Translated into English by Gaby LAWS


A team of kind retired men who spend their time beautifying the village were present when we arrived. They were attending to the flowers which decorate the window boxes, the village is beautiful and well kept.

Not only with decorations for Easter but also the trees and manicured lawns.

We’ll present you some photos.

In front of the Mairie (Town Hall)

1First line from left to right: Jean Bloch, Micheline Gutmann, Sabine Drexler (deputy mayor), Désiré Fink, Léonard Meyer, Joseph Wilhelm.

Second line from left to right: Philippe Gutmann, Samuel Guillot, Jean-Paul Bochenek, Ernest Roemer, le maire Dominique Spriginsfeld

-A drink at the Town Hall Council room

-The house of the last Minister Victor DREYFUS

-In the BURGER’s coffee shop

Before lunch, the mayor, still as friendly and charismatic as he was during the “Day of Souvenirs” (8 November 2009) offered us a drink at the Town Hall Council room.
A place we know very well because we photographed the registers there, several years ago, before they were available online.

The Mayor spoke of some difficulties in the town, especially the problem of finding a new doctor. There is a team of three doctors but one of them has to retire. His replacement will be welcomed into a modern and active town.

Then, we were invited to lunch at the village restaurant, very good indeed. We recommend it if you have the opportunity to visit.

Durmenach, que nous vous recommandons si vous avez l’occasion d’y passer.

Next we went to examine the old Jewish houses which will be the subject of an article soon to be written by Jean BLOCH, corresponding with a project by Sabine DREXLER. We walked all around the town.

We saw the former homes of the families HAUSER, LANG, BRUNSCHWIG, DUCAS…. the house where the Tsiganes lived before they were deported, the place of the ancient Jewish hospital.

Now demolished, the old house of Victor Dreyfus, the last minister of the Jews, very well restored and embellished by the new owner

The visit finished with an invitation from Georges BURGER to have a drink at the café he inherited of his grandmother Maria.

Maria used to welcome the Jews, especially on Saturday when they took some rest, playing cards and dominos (look at “Durmenach se souvient” pages 100 et 221).

During WWII, a portrait of Hitler had to be hung on the wall; it was there, near the door. A collaborationist told her : “it must be placed in the middle of the wall ” She answered “it is well placed there, near to the way out ”.

Georges Burger showed us the former cinema, the projection room and the films. …It's like "Cinema Paradiso".
The room was abandoned because it was too expensive to restore and remove the asbestos.

We parted in the hope of all meeting there again in the near future.






-Georges BURGER near the former cinema entrance

-Georges BURGER near the former
cinema entrance

-One of the two projectors

-One of the two projectors

- The river Ill and the canal at Durmenach

- The river Ill and the canal at Durmenach

-Upstream from the village

-Upstream from the village     

-In the fields along the river Ill

-In the fields along the river Ill

-Place where stood Gaspard Hauser’s house

-Place where stood Gaspard Hauser’s house