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The Jewish Genealogy Association 

Genealogical research in Alsace

by Jean Bloch & Micheline Gutmann

Translation into English by Gaby Laws

A - Main Documents


The first general documents are the censuses. The 1851 census is accessible and includes religion, except for Strasbourg. Strasbourg census of 1836 can be found on CD-Romanian.

Civil Acts

Because of the animated history of the province and as a result the various dialects, the majority of Alsatian acts are written in German or Germanic patois. The acts are in French between 1919 and 1939, and from 1945. If you have difficulties translating an act, please consult us.

Registration of permanent surname in 1808 (decree of Bayonne), commune by commune.

Some are missing. Summarized lists were carried out.

Research your name in the lists of 1808, 1851

Enumeration of the Jews "who are tolerated in the province of Alsace pursuant to the patent-letters of His Majesty, July 10, 1784"

Research your name in the lists of 1784

Some lists in 1806: Hattstatt, Reguisheim

List of names in the territory of l’évêché of Strasbourg 1600-1610

Declarations of year VII (1799) in some communes

(civil records according to the declarations of people living in the commune in 1799).

of 1780 preparatory lists of the enumeration of 1784.

Various censuses of heads of households, particularly in 1725.

Marriage contracts in Alsace (Aron Fraenckel, Picardy Solomon for Haut-Rhin)

B - Table of the communes who sheltered Jewish families, by Jean Bloch

C - the GenAmi library

D – Genealogical Studies - Alsatian families

See editions of GenAmi and titles of GenAmi Review

E – Westhoffen, the families

F – Civil records

for some communes from various sources .
Below are the records available, this list will greatly increase in the following months:
Barr- Biesheim – Hirsingue – Trimbach - Zellwiller