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Research in The Netherlands

by Gaby LAWS

  • Civil Records from 1811 (Birth, Marriage, Death)

Amsterdam - Canal

Civil registration began mainly in c. 1811 (in the south it started earlier ie Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in 1796 and Limburg in 1798).
Birth - usually contains the names, ages, occupations and addresses of the parents, and the names of witnesses.
Marriage – contains the names, ages, places of birth, occupations and residences of the bride and the groom and the names, ages (from 1907), occupations and addresses of the parents and the witnesses.
NB. Each marriage document has appendices which can contain copies of the birth records the bride and groom, copies of the death certificates of the parents (if applicable) and of earlier partners and proof of military service.
Death - contains the names, ages, addresses, dates and times of death, and usually also the names of the widowed spouse. It also gives you the names, occupations, ages and addresses of the persons who registered the death and sometimes the names of the parents of the deceased.

Many records are searchable online (in Dutch and English) also contains links to local archives if you wish to order a copy of the document(s).
You get the English version by clicking at the top right corner where it says English in small letters.

Births, marriages and deaths in Rotterdam from 1811 (also some earlier records) in Dutch and English.
a) go to 'Archieven en collecties'
b) go to 'digitale stamboom' it is the second one down in the box. It means 'database'
c) at the top there is a small 'English flag' click to have the information in English. Then click on the word 'Search'.

  • Population Registration (1850-1920) & Family Cards (1938+)

The population registers are usually in order of street and house numbers and contain the names of all the members of a family and individuals living at the address, their date of birth, place of birth, religion, marital status and occupation. If they moved then there is also the date they moved and new address.

Family cards contain the names, dates and places of birth, marriage and death of the person concerned and spouse, children, addresses, names an usually dates and places of birth of the parents. The cards are kept at the Central Bureau for Genealogy.
Copies of the personal cards are available for a fee.

For people who lived in Amsterdam person cards can be searched for online at the Amsterdam archive.

  • Jewish Records

Amsterdam - Anne Frank's House

1) Akevoth

Synagogual Marriage Acts
12,139 Ashkenazi Marriages
Marriages in Mokum
The Dutch Diamond Workers Union
Buial permits
The Muiderberg Cemetery
Family Name Adoptions
Portuguese Marriages
Register of Jews living in Amsterdam
Market Permits
In Memoriam (Holocaust Victims)
Family Trees
Northern Provinces DB
Duparc Family Tree Collection
The Limburg Circumcision Registers
Nijmegen collection
Jews of Meerssen
Frisian Gravestone Collection
Circumcision registers
Portuguese Israelite Cemetery
The Triptych
The Gravestone / Headstone Archives

2) Amsterdam Achive

3)Historic Jewish Groningen
Database of the burials at Moesstraat and Lepenlaan in Groningen and the cemetery of Leek.

4) History of the Jews in Groningen

5) La Friesland (go to Genealogy)
Records for before 1811 and after 1811, inheritance tax and criminal law. Go to genealogy / ‘Voorouders’. Friesland - For scans of documents

6) Jewish Monument Dedicated to the memory of Dutch Jews who died in the Holocaust. Contains names, last address and various other pieces of information.

7) Jewish Historic Museum

8) Westerbork,(camp of transit for the victims of the Holocaust)

9) Brabant

10) Overijssel

11) Zeeuws

12) Leeuwarden

13) Jewish Database of Sittard

14) Drent Archive

  • Newspapers

Historic newspapers
Newspaper search 1910-1945

  • Photos of locations
- Amsterdam

  • Other sources of information

Geneaknowhow website – online searchable information and links covering all regions of The Netherlands.

National Archives

You will find in our library 39 books or documents concerning The Netherlands.