The Jewish Genealogy Association 

Genealogical research in Belgium

by Micheline Gutmann

Brusssels Grand-Place in 1911
(postcard from Micheline Gutmann's collection)

Genealogical research in Belgium

Research in Belgium, and more particularly in Brussels, must start with an examination of the dictionary of biography and genealogy given to us by our friend Claude Geudevert, who carried out this gigantic work over a ten years period, creating a file of at least 100,000 individuals. However, it had to be limited to the centre of Brussels. Many correspondents have sent us information from their research in France and in Netherlands.

These files include deported Belgian Jews and their families, out of respect to those who are still alive and the laws on communication of this type of information we ask that information stops just after this period. The files are accesible at our offices.

It is recommended that you obtain certificates. Below is a list of addresses for the various archives found on the Internet, and the other sources used by our friend Geudevert.