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Id. Author(s) Title
85 Judith Samuel Jews in Bristol. From Middle Age to present day
118 Doreen Berger The Jewish Victorian (from Jewish newspapers). 1871-1880
216 Angela Shire Great Synagogue marriage Records. 1791-1830
333 Recensement de Londres de 1695.
382 Angela Shire Great Synagogue marriages Registers 1791-1850.
384 Jewish ancestors. A beginners guide to Jewish genealogy
390 Lionel Barnett Bevis Mark record Part II - Spanish and Portuguese. mariages jusqu'en 1837
391 Lionel Barnett Bevis Mark record Part III - Ketubot or civils marriages. contracts registers 1837/1901
392 Lionel Barnett Bevis Mark Rec. Part IV - Circumcision Register 1715/1775 of Isaac and Abraham d. (annexes 1679/99 marriages 1679/89-Female births 1679/99)
393 Lionel Barnett Bevis Mark record Part V. Birth Register 1767/1881
394 M. Rodrigues-Pereira Bevis Mark Record Part VI - Spanish and Portuguese congr.. Burial Register 1733/1918 of the novo cemetery of London
397 B.Susser et Aliis Collectanea Judaica Plymouthensis.
400 K.Pearce, H.Fry The lost jews of Cornwall. from the Middle Age to the ninet.century
401 K.Pearce, H.Fry The Jews of Devon and Cornwall. from the Middle Age to the ninet. century
451 Gerry Black Jews' free school London since 1732.
476 Actes du Congres de Londres 2001.
488 Cecil Roth The Great Synagogue London. 1690/1940
489 Paul Godman Think and Thank-The Montefiore Synag.and College. Ramsgate 1833/1933
490 E.N.Adler Jewish communities series London.
491 Cecil Roth A History of the Jews in England.