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The Jewish Genealogy Association 

Advantages for GenAmi Members

GenAmi is a non-profit association. All the information collected is presented free of charge for the use of the members, either on the Internet site,in the bulletin, or at the library.The information can also be disseminated at the seat of the association or during specialized meetings.

All the brochures edited by GenAmi are accessible on the premises without any fee. There is no obligation to buy any resource.

For a very modest yearly fee, the members have access to GenAmi's Internet site, as well as services and other diverse sources of information reserved for them alone.

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The Information
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Numerous files for members only:

Fill the form and send by cheque to GenAmi the amount of the 2006 dues. As soon as we will receive your payment you will be enroled and you will obtain all the members' privilege.

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