The Jewish Genealogy Association 

18 to 20 May 2007 - French Assembly of Genealogy in TOURS

Organised by the Centre Généalogique de Touraine and the FFG

A small group of the GenAmi Board and GenAmi members attended the GenAmi stand in the French Assembly of Genealogy in Tours.
There were many visitors and also registrations to GenAmi.
Some others were interested and will probably rejoin us shortly.
Last others not personnaly involved asked interesting questions showing their interest.
Micheline GUTMANN read a paper about the pecularities and difficulties of the Jewish genealogy which was well received.

GenAmi stand from above with Olivier CAHEN and Pascale HUMMEL

Michel GOLDSCHMIDT, Olivier CAHEN and Micheline GUTMANN

The bouquet made by Caroline GUILLOT and Pascale HUMMEL

We can see the two posters in material made by Philippe CATTELAIN (TAIONS)

Danielle CHEVALIER, Olivier CAHEN and Micheline GUTMANN

François van DETH with a new member

Our stand was in front of the Franche-Comté stand

Michel GOLDSCHMIDT, Pascale HUMMEL, Marie-Claude and François van DETH

During the dinner: Jean-François HUMMEL, Danielle CHEVALIER, Jean-Louis HELBRONNER, Micheline GUTMANN

Micheline GUTMANN speaking with the chairman before her lecture

Before the beginning of the lecture

The synagogue of TOURS