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Remembering D-Day, 6th June 1944

By Micheline Gutmann

I was at an age when a child becomes aware of everything and the history of the D-Day landings was profoundly marked in my memory and even in my subconscious. It all came back when I found myself there a few years ago.

We were in the centre of France, our heads beneath a blanket, listening to the news, the noise of the bombardment, these episodes have been filmed or reconstructed many times since then. Happy, very happy! but also worried because we wondered what the Germans would do with the prisoners of war, among them my father. I obviously did not yet know anything about the deportations and exterminations.

The subject has been described many times in films, literary and documentary.

Many commemorations were held with leaders from countries that have contributed to the issue of France, first, then Europe. And yet each time it moves me as if it were yesterday.

I took my children and my grandchildren to visit these places that have changed so much in recent decades. But museums help put you back into the past, you can feel the courage and suffering of those who participated, women and men of all countries who have helped us to recover freedom.

Here are some pictures among hundreds available that we have chosen for you.

Disembarking at Ouistreham beach
Disembarking at Ouistreham beach

De Gaulle at Bayeux
General De Gaule at Bayeux

Poster Colleville cemetery Poster
The bay at Arromanche
The bay at Arromanche