The Jewish Genealogy Association 

GenAmi Memberships, type a and type b.

Micheline GUTMANN
Translation into English : Gaby Laws

For many years, GenAmi has offered its members two options for membership depending on the date of their application.

In addition to the usual membership practiced by all associations and that covers a full year from January 1 to December 31 (type a) we thought of those who join after 1 July: it would not be correct to offer them this type of membership and unkind to tell them to wait until 1st January.

Hence the idea, which was well received, of adding membership from July 1 to June 30 (type b).

In both cases, members receive four issues of downloadable GenAmi and have access for their membership to all the online files, the forum and free assistance.

It is true that this takes a little more work, but our main wish is to work in the interests of our members.

However, dear friends, please do not ask us for a membership that starts on any day of the year. This would complicate our management, which is made up solely from volunteers, too much.