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Did you have ancestors living in Paris in 1789?

By Micheline Gutmann

The storming of the Bastille
The storming of the Bastille

In 1789, about 500 Jews lived in Paris. Normally, they were authorized to stay there during only a limited period, according to the passport they received. Some of them remained there more, for instance the Portuguese, richer and then better accepted.

It was only on September 27th 1791 that the “Assemblée constituante” voted the abolition of all discriminations concerning the Jews. In fact, this decision has been practically realized very progressively.

But before this vote, many Jews have already joined the French Revolution. Around 100 Jews were recruited in the "Garde Nationale" as soon as 1789. Leon Kahn published a list of them.

We already mentioned some famous families who participated to the Revolution, such as the Calmers, Hombergs... but there were many others: Abraham, Anspach, Astruc, Brach, Brandon, Cain, Cerf, Dacosta, Daniel, Foy, Haguenauer, Henriques, Lyon, Marchand, Manuel, May, Marx, Naquet, Oulmann, Polak, Simon, Trenel...

If a member of GenAmi is ready to computerize this list, we will put it on our web site. You will perhaps recognize some of your ancestors. In that case, we would be happy if you introduce them to us.