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June 26, 1917: the Americans land in Saint-Nazaire

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GenAmi 68 of June 2014 has been devoted to telling US participation in the World War 1.

The repeated attacks of the German submarines in the vicinity of the American coasts, decided the American Congress to go to war with the allies. It took a few months to make them operational and then their role has been decisive when the Allied armies almost defeated, had no longer the strength to continue.

Saint-Nazaire, June 26, 1917 in the morning: The first American contingents landed on the Old Continent. It is official; the United States has just entered the war, taking place alongside the Allies. The city of Saint-Nazaire was chose as base number 1: during 3 years, more than 198,000 men will land there. The presence of Sammies cannot be unnoticed: Soon, 30,000 Americans cohabit daily with 35,000 Nazairians. Here is a presentation concerning their first contact with the land of France.

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