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Presentation of the GenAmi Forum

The GenAmi Forum, an exceptional resource

  • The first GenAmi Forum, proposed and set up by Robbert de Groot, took up duty at the beginning of year 2001. A message sent by a member was sent to all the other members who had an Internet address. Already at that time, there was no regulator.
    The messages were impermeable for outside and there was already no risk to catch viruses nor to be made steal our addresses. Until the end of December 2005, there were approximately 3000 messages, therefore an average of 600 per year. The great advantage was thus to receive the messages directly in its letter box.
    The disadvantage was not to be able to consult the preceding messages by key word. .
    The system did not have memory, except if you stored the messages. As for Internet site created in 2000, this forum was an innovation for the genealogy in Europe

  • The second GenAmi Forum was set up on July 1st, 2005 by François van Deth. There was for six months a trial period with both forums in activity.
    That will make soon 5 years. If the posted account is quite correct, let us make confidence, there was an average of approximately 1900 messages per year. It should be said that the number of members regularly increased.

  • Other general order notices: the first questions seem now rather elementary. Now, we arrive at a moment when they are much more “pointed”. More especially as our booklets of ascending lists contributed well to inform our members, like thereafter the acts, the trees and the online files at the GenAmi site. In addition, the online archives, now. And our members, like all the genealogists, became very resourceful.Although the sources and the offers of all kinds flow, some free but generally paying.
    When we are “is bitten”, we want to go always further.

    In addition, our desire to know collateral branches increases, our trees take a considerable size, and we find many cousins…

  • But of course, it always arrives at a moment when one “wedges” and then the experiment of all and in particular of our specialists, is essential. Do not hesitate to call upon them!!!

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