The Jewish Genealogy Association 

The future of the associative Genealogic Movement

This is the theme launched by the FFG for examination:

What activities could the associations propose tomorrow; new files, notaries records, censuses, electoral lists, genealogy software, paleography), forums, congresses, meetings of a new type.
What would be their functioning? How would they disseminate their work, what relations would they have with the deposits of municipal, departmental and national archives?
What would be the role of the authority of the French Federation of Genealogy?

A table of possibilities is available on the site of the Federation.

The synthesis will be presented during the Congress of Champs-sur-Marne the 21 of May 2009.

The fundamental question

The placing online of archival documents goes counter to previous genealogic practice and the future of certain associations, especially those based on mercenary exploitation of systematic examinations.

The answers of GenAmi

The goal of an association is to be non-profit first.

We have always refused to sell the acts, and since the enlargement of our Internet site, we have totally stopped producing these data on paper.
A lot remains to be done by our volunteers: collecting data from the index of Vital Records or notaries is a long tiring job but is also a rewarding one. Additional data and its collection are tools of great value. We need all your help.

With the same goal, we do not organize conferences by authors of books of historical interest to us. Most of the time, these authors know how to write but rarely know how to speak or organize their lectures. These meetings are ultimately for profit.
This however does not impede us from quoting from these books in our journal when they are of good quality and when we have the occasion to receive or buy them.

Conclusion: We must go from management by clients who are consumers to one by members who are part of a collective project. The question is not: "What is the benefit of acting?" but rather "How to foster the desire to support a project either by volunteering or contributing financially."

A genealogical association should have a cultural vocation

This is why all our cultural articles that are related to the Jewish people are accessible to all, rather than to our members alone.
The journal strongly contributes to teaching about this history in France and elsewhere in the world.

A genealogical association should practically always provide voluntary aid

That is what GenAmi has always practiced. Its assistance is proposed in several formats.

  • Welcoming of old and new members, in the seat of the association, with the help of documents from the library; by appointment.

  • Answers to all questions asked on the site of GenAmi

  • Questions and answers on the GenAmi forum.