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Its been ten years ...

Micheline GUTMANN
Translation done by Gaby Laws

Where were you at that time?

How did you hear the news?

There are some events and images we can never forget. That day, it was about 14h in Paris, for once I was taking a nap while watching TV and I saw the events as they happened. The program that had been on was cut to broadcast the information 'live'. First the smoke coming out of the first tower, speculation changing to assumptions then probability of an accident.

I called my husband who called the plumber who had come to fix a leak and all three of us were frozen with terror. The images were taken from an airplane, we could not see what was happening below.

Then, live shots as another plane struck and went into the second tower. At once we realised that this was an attack.

A terrible feeling came over us with the realisation that hundreds of people remain trapped, it continued when you saw bodies falling from the windows and as we could not see anything yet on the ground, we wondered where the firefighters and other emergency services were. Then it was total horror! a tower collapses, it is expected that the latter will do the same, We do not have to wait long!

Images taken from the ground show the clouds of smoke rising like a volcanic eruption. spreading between the buildings ...

Every time he comes back, the plumber still talks about it ...

An hour later, I sent a message of sympathy to our friends on Jewishgen. Some did not yet know.

You can find a video available to all