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Research in Eastern Europe, expanding your research

Micheline Gutmann– Translated into English by Gaby Laws

Going in a straight line is not always the best way

The conventional advice of exploring the records of naturalization, civil acts and the different lists on the Internet, are very useful when you can go back in a straight line. Then it must begin there. But the straight line does not always lead us to our goal. Then you need to "broaden its scope." First, go and question all the collateral families you can find and those that are not yet known, they may possess documents and information which are different to yours. Suggest a family meeting as it can promote an exchange of information.

  • Look for the acts of all different kinds for at least all the people mentioned (birth, marriage, deaths) Notary deeds. .
  • Gather the branches to construct a tree.

The two factors to explore are the location and the name

1 - Place:

study the history of the country and the region concerned, in France find families from the same place and their descendants.

The sources to be explored are:
  • the CD-Rom of naturalizations,
  • lists of marriages at Consistory in Paris (place of birth is shown from 1872),
  • cemeteries, censuses of the Consistoire (1809 and 1872 are on the GenAmi site),
  • marital status,
  • lists of deportees (the Holocaust Memorial, Yad Vashem) ... etc.. (See Research Guides on the website of GenAmi)

2- Name::

learn about the variants of the name, where can the name be found? Again, one can use the CD-Rom of naturalization GenAmi's forum, site and library..
It should be noted that a number of families settled in several cities in France, but the vast majority of foreigners came to Paris. The Parisian sources also include national sources. We have more and more opportunities to view online archives. On the GenAmi website, you can also find links to many sources abroad (JewishGen, JRI-Poland ...)

La page Vysotsky de l'annuaire  -Tout
Moscou- envoyé par Alex Mazurkin

La page Vysotsky de l'annuaire  -Tout
Moscou- envoyé par Alex Mazurkin

Page Vysotsky -Tout Moscou- Photo by Alex Mazurkin

Gather information

It is necessary to build a computer database of information or an Excel file, use trees or using a genealogy program. Genealogy programs allow you to automatically make links between the people

Help, more specific to GenAmi

The meeting that took place in January 2010 on "Eastern Europe" helped develop such generalizations and to provide more accurate information for cases referred by those members present.
Our frequent articles on families of Eastern Europe (Goscinny, Marcus, Kaplan, and Vissotzky Wissotzky and associated families, Zarembovitch ... and others being studied) show that you can succeed in getting further back..

Start by gathering your information, ask us questions, then we'll help you prepare and present your family history.