The Jewish Genealogy Association 

Restitution of paintings

By Micheline Gutmann, translated by David Presburger-Hauser

Little by little, the restitution of paintings stolen from Jews by the nazis and their collaborators, still present in french museums, is taking place.

In France, one can only congratulate Minister Aurélie Filippetti who, after she was first appointed, promised to make every effort so that the stolen paintings still held by French museums are returned to the heirs of the despoiled persons.

The scandal of the silence over the subject might be getting to an end: paintings are slowly finding the location they were forced to abandon over 70 years ago.

In its April 1999 issue (#8), on page 16, GenAmi had published the article by François-Louis Weng, a professional genealogist entitled "Towards a second spoliation?" in which he was indignant about the lack of energy by the French government to find the heirs of art owners who have disappeared in the Holocaust.

There’s no need to go to Austria!

We recommend the reading of an article by Me J.J. Neuer, an international lawyer knowledgeable about the subject on all continents: