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Jewish Cemetery of BELFORT

The data was collected by a team of GenAmi volunteers. The original handscripted list was carried out in 1922 by M. Bernheim-Wormser, treasurer of Belfort Jewish Congregation, with the help of MM. J Bloch, hazan and Ott shomer.
This list was completed by recent data, that is to say till 1994.

As usual, some errors are possible due to the difficulty of reading, but the most important errors come probably from the original document.

Annie Lévy remarks:

  • The oldest graves are not noted on this list.
  • For many women we do not know if the name is the name of their husband or if they was single,
  • There are some errors. For example my grand mother Marcelle LEVY born LAZARD is noted LAZARE born LEVY.
  • Some places named are not necessarily the place of death. Thus for one of my ancestors, Louis LEVY (married to Gertrude Caroline HAUSER) it is noted Montbéliard. Actually he arrived there when he was child arrivé étant enfant but he went after to Pont-de-Roide where he lived some fourty years and he died there.
  • The spouses are frequently noted uniquely with the firstname and Last Name of their husband, with no mention of their maiden name nor their firstname.

Nevertheless some of our members have found by this list some of their ancestors or relatives and we hope it will become useful for GenAmi members.

By defect the graves are given in the order of the original document.

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